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I'm all for the BMW design evolution, I think that BMWs have always looked like hondas the three series has mimmicked yhe civic sice like 1992 and the the 5-series has looked like the Accord since the E34 - down to the rear window kink! The E36 was ghastly when it came out- so different from the E30, and that was at the time when a honda civic or a corolla looked more modern with all its plastic parts than a 3 series with all its classic metal bits. The E90 does not strike me as that much different from the E46 in profile- can't wait to see the coupe/ convertible though. The new dashboard layout I think looks better without theat prmanent i drive cave.

Has anyone seen the new VW Jetta/Bora?... well i thik its very E90, actually a mixture between the E90 and the 1 series, just as the outgoung jetta Model is very E46. Speaking as if I could afford them, I would wait a gneration or so before I would buy a 6/7 series -give them a little time to 'evolve'. But I'm all for the 1/2/3/5 series, X3 and Z4 designs. Another thing about our beloved and urbane E46, did you know that it was designed in 1993 and the design was finalized in 1994! Those design engineers must have been bored to hell with the lack of creativity in the department!
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