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Can you respond to this?

The SK+ will give us plus or minus 55hp on our 323's. Without an aftercooler or intercooler, we might only be making 30 or so on a hot summer day. I don't know where you are, but here in Louisville it can get 90's and 95% humidity.

Infinitas says that they will not offer an intercooler for the +, but are designing and aftercooler. Someone asked how much it would be, but they did not know as it is still in the design phase. I'm guessing, but I bet not much less than $1K or so??

So that would put us closer to 4.7K if we want the aftercooler later on (which I think I would). Now I'm about 1K less than I would be with a full AA kit, which includes and intercooler.

I assume, dont know for sure, that most of the testing on this kit was done in Germany, which has a cooler summer climate than here. Were their tests done in the summer, fall, winter, spring? It would be good to know. We have only seen one Dyno, and that was from a Z4.

I've made some assumptions here, and don't know how close to being correct I am. If anyone knows different, please speak up.

I'm also concerned about the noise with that huge intake sitting on top of the motor. I need to ask one of the guys (forget their names) in London about that.

So, these are the things I am questioning.

Just went back and looked at the Dyno provided by Infinitas from the Z4. Looks like it was done July 14, 04. The ambient temp looks like it was 19 C, which is 66 F. Pretty cool temp compared to how it gets here in the summer.
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