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Originally Posted by zeb0r
i was using q-tips before and turns out i was pushing the wax inside and one day woke up deaf.. went to doctor and he used some kinda suction thingy to get the wax out.. lol
More common that you'd think.

I just had an ear appointment yesterday, and the doctor told me that we -- all of us -- should not be putting anything into our ears. Wax production is a good thing, he said. Of course, excessive ear wax can be a problem, but only a qualified person should be removing the wax.

Sticking a Q-tip, or any other kind of object, into the area where we build wax is a no-no. We often push the wax inside of the ear, which leads to other problems -- ranging from diminished hearing to balance issues (in theory).

My doctor said that most people never have to remove the wax from their ears. A small amount is actually beneficial for us. It's nature's moisturizer and protector.

Be well, all.
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