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Originally Posted by Moeser09
A couple of people asked about the wiring harness thing for their ebay CCFL kits. I sketched a pretty ugly diagram that shoes a wiring harness with integrated remote trigger (requires a SPDT relay).

To install - you can use one of these DIY's (it's the same as installing a Wheelpower kit) in conjunction with mine:

Jake's install DIY

Picture of the ECU trigger wire]

Removing headlights

I think there's another DIY out there that was pretty good too, but I can't remember the link.
Maybe it's an old question but what's the point of relay? I wired my kit directly to the ECU with rocker switch inside to control it. It has worked fine for a month now. Should I re-wire it with the relay method? Will I get a problem later on if I don't use relay?
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