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thanks. Honestly, I never tried them in the front. I have my components and stealth's amped w/ 2 small xtants, and are strictly using the rears as fill. I have them set at 200HZ, 24Db per octive sloap, and for a rear fill speaker, running off the deck power, they work quite well. I don't like high end coming from the rear, so that's what I did. I might someday try using the front's as sort of a 3-way setup, I just have never gotten around to trying it. As for the tweets, no hot glue, in extreme temps the hot glue will let loose. What I used? Small dabs of JB weld. Just enough to hold them in place, but will be very easy to remove as well in the future, and it will NEVER let lose under temp. changes either. I live in western PA, so I'm like 0-95 degress swing, I need all the help I can get.... The factory mids are very efficient, running off my alpine piece, they scream, I had to tone them down quite a bit.......
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