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Few more pics crashed:

Okay so now the car's home

This is the crappy key i was stuck with:

Salvage cars cannot order new keys, but the guy at my parts desk pulled a fast one and somehow ordered one for me, as well as hooked me up with the shop i bought it from account (with their permission of course) offering me their 25% discount on all OEM parts.

I take a closer look at the car, crap... 2 brake lines gone. ebrake lines snapped, exhaust bent up, and engine mounts broken, sway bar bent, dsc wheel speed sensors cut/missing. now i started to price out the small stuff, clears, grills, clips, window trim, god damn it adds up, i'm not gona go into prices because it will take too much time. but first thing first was to get to ordering!

My first box:

UUC Sways

Second Box:

Gruppe M from rennsport on special last year

Next was to order a new rim, thanks to Eric@SPP he got it to me in about 2 Weeks, too bad they sent a Audi bolt pattern one, i really needed to get the car rolling to start doing work, anyway eric had it picked up (A+ Customer Service) And refunded me promptly, I ended up ordering direct from OZ.

Next was to order my headlights, got them from bekkers for 1100 with the black trim, i wanted to ditch any chrome/titanium on my car. I also ordered lots of clips for the bumper, rogue under drive pulleys (i figured my radiator is out, why not replace em now?) wheel power enhanced halo's (v1 at the time, latest and greatest) and my brake ducts and center kidney grill duct

2001 330i rebuilt from the salvage yard
From start to finish...
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