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Also not pictured above was my airbags, shift knob, and replacment tool kit tools (i wanted my car with everything back) and a new flashlight for the glove as it was missing. 2 brake lines, 2 engine mounts, 2 ebrake cables and lots of other bolts and the full front radiator with ac condensor and all the parts listed on my original rough part draft. This was my dad's idea, but he looked into aftermarket fenders and hood, i was a little sketch, and pissed to say, i wanted OEM. But he went ahead and bought after market fenders and hood for my car. Well no say there, if it didnt fit i was pulling it off and going OEM.

a few more pics before i go to the paint

Misc paint for engine covers etc, grills, and bulbs.

Next up i had to get this strut from BFP since it was on special for 400!
I didnt need it, but for 400, why not?


2001 330i rebuilt from the salvage yard
From start to finish...
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