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After this stage, and only putting 200 miles on the car, CRAP i hit my differential on a pot hole, the car is put back on jackstands, for a month while i locate a diff. I could not find a 3.38 at the time, so i picked up another 2.93 for 100 bucks from RR_BugGz (Thanks!) and took the time to put some other mods on which i will show a little more down..

these are pics after the car was back on the road

My beater headunit, Pionner AVH6400CD (Seperate DVD player+TV Tuner mounted under glove) Not pictured yet.. As well as a slim PS2 in the glove not pictured yet.

two olsen 7inch wide screen visors, these bolted on directly, however not pictured now is that they have been re-done with the stock visor mounts (i did not have time when i took the pics) and the switch panel by the sunroof controls, 1 switch for tv's, 1 for dde's, the other 4 are blank as of now but will be used for future system.

Two XO Vision 7 inch wide screens were thrown into the headrest by me to complete the video deal of the interior.

Also not pictured is the pac swix eye mounted under the key hole, works pretty well in that location.

2001 330i rebuilt from the salvage yard
From start to finish...
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