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Now after this wash above, i noticed i messed up the front bumper on these nyc roads So next move... Club sport splitters

I really wanted to go with the hamann add-on or aqray (but with NYC roads, its just not possible for a daily driver)

I decided not to paint as of yet, i wanted to see if i scratch them first (which i did already) then paint them, however i am in the process of ordering a new rear bumper and side skirts so it will all be painted at once

Oh cool random pic taken by spyder i thought i'd throw in while im here:

Okay back on topic with a few random and latest pics of my ride before i change it up again.

close up of my non oem fender, looks pretty good to me, not bad for about 140 bucks a side

sorry this pic came out REALLY blurry, i cant hold a cam lol

UUC TSE2 was thrown in to replace that hanging crap of a stock exhaust i had

2001 330i rebuilt from the salvage yard
From start to finish...
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