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dirty under hood pic

also UUC SSK on the way Cant wait to start short shifting, hopefully side skirts and rear will be here by the end of the month and i can get this thing somewhat done before spring, summer goal will be some 19's of course tomorrw if im not lazy i'll also do the corner delete mod. I plan to update this thread as i do stuff to the car, thanks for checking out my progress of my rebuilt car, and as for how it drives, the car has 27k miles on it right now, 27,002 miles exactly, and it drives perfectly straight, no pulling, vibration, or any awkward ness, the car feels new (i've driven a new 330 before) the car is fixed to perfection, i may not get jack back when selling this because its stamped with a salvage title, but i bought this car for me, i plan to keep it for a long time, maybe even pass it down one day, the money invested into this car being salvage, will never be made back, i bought this car for personal use again, thanks for looking at my thread

2001 330i rebuilt from the salvage yard
From start to finish...
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