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Corrections to my post, now that I have been dealing with a little longer:

- The gray little connector was indeed related to navigation. As soon as I plugged it back into the radio, just next to the white icelink cable, I now have navigation menues back

- The gray connector can be removed, by removing a blue, U shaped clamp, that sits in the radioconnector. It can be pushed out sideway and reused on the icelink adapter plug. This will hold the old gray and the new white little connector securely in place. This (maybe only R17 connector, round pins, related) issue, I would like to see added to the nice guide at Dension USA.

- The menue does not behave odd anymore. Probably was related to the missing gray navi connector, or it is coincidence of something happening to icelink in between .. but I don't think so.

- The BMW CD Text files: The BWM_Text_to_nav.mp3 does nothing for the small Radionavi unit I have. I can now use the BMW_Text_to_radio.mp3 one, though. This will display CD Text, but not use the full display. Only 10 Characters show, including these Beta underlines instead of spaces, then it scrolls. The display can show much more, even multilines etc. A wish to Dension: Please give us a config for our small display.

- Somehow, icelink (or CD text, not sure) interferes with the onboard Telephone I have. Now that I get to see CD text, there is a title above the track names: "Kurzwahl". The german for "Direct dial" or something similar .. it is usually something showing, when you use the onboard phone. Also, the little display on the Telephone itelf shows grabled, odd characters.

Things I'd like to see in the Dension Guide:

- The blue clamp mentioned above
- How to remove the AC Front. This is helping and probably required by most installs
- BMW Text: Guide should mentiont he 'navigation' file seems only to be for the big navi, not the radionavi one
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