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It is always best to find a ground VERY close to the amp, in this case, it if even better to use the SAME spot used by the stock system for ALL audio grounds:

Of course, use heavy gage wire with an in-line fuse as close to the 12+ terminal as possible (notice I used cable ties everywhere no room for accidents!):

OK, this is now the hardest and most time consuming part (by far): to deal with this little devil over here, which is really two connectors inside one housing (just pull apart gently the black housing) :

The connector is well marked with pin #s on both sides:

You can probably deal with this in many ways, but I decided to label every pin (with labels from Radio Shack) to make sure I knew where they came from in case I had to re-wire at any point (which I did). Many of the wires are the SAME color, so without labels you are in big trouble if you get confused. This seems (and it was) a lot of work, but my complete install worked the very first time with ZERO errors. Here is a picture of the labeling process:

Here I am almost done with the labels:

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