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One tip is to group (with electrical tape) the channels as you go along. For example, group together the front speakers (left), the front speakers (right), and so on. If you know that you are not going to use some of the wires (like I did not use the front mids nor the rear tweeters) you can group those aside and out of the way.

Here is the Peripheral VEN4 being wired:

You probably noticed that I am using screw-type white posts to get signals together. Not only these are electrically strong, but allow me to re-wire as appropriate (which I did since I first wired the amp to the stock speakers, and then later to the external passive crossovers for the separate front components). Pick the right method to fit your needs.

Here is everything wired (to the stock front speakers) to test the system:

The a/d/s amp has all adjustments and crossovers on one side (opposite to I/O signals) so it is very easy to adjust:

By the way, I used the a/d/s amp with the factory front woofer and tweeter and although it was a little bit improved with the new (and more powerful) amp, it simply pales in comparison to the a/d/s speakers. Even though my new woofer was actually smaller than the OEM woofer, the new a/d/s woofer has a lot more bass. Those who think the OEM H&K speakers are great simply have to listen to really good speakers to realize that they are actually not that good.

In these pictures the factory lining does not fit, but it covers the amp for now (I drove it for a week like this), until I replace it with the OEM CD-changer kit (with new panel) later on:

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