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Not that you need to know this for this upgrade, but the only way to get the mesh out of the door panel is to remove the door panel and remove the tweeter/mid. It is just clipped in place:

Here is the new super-duper tweeter that will replace both the tweeter/mid:

I made a small bracket for the a/d/s tweeter out of a piece of metal and attached it to the same spot the OEM units goes. Not pretty, but it works, it is solid, and it is also angled towards the driver:

Here is the door panel ready to go back:

I did the right door next, and then went back to finish the amplifier/crossover installation. I did try the front speakers with the a/d/s amp but without their a/d/s speaker crossover units and the new a/d/s speakers did not sounded good at all – I simply could not adjust the level and frequency balance to match the carefully developed a/d/s crossover, but at least I was able to verify that the speakers were wired properly.

So since I wanted to use the Alpine MP3-cable CD changer soon, I decided to go ahead and get the kit and re-locate the amp at the same time. I choose to locate the amp next to the “Mobility Kit” as shown here (notice that I already got the brackets for the CD changer in place:

Since I am not using the OEM amp, I now have space behind the brackets which I can use the tie and hide the wiring:

Here I am wiring the a/d/s front speaker crossovers:

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