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Here are the references that I used:


Excellent and most helpful site – “correct” wiring diagrams and signal theory for BMW OEM amp. Notice that some of the no-connects are actually used in out H&K system, although there were not used during my upgrade.


Outstanding knowledge of BMW factory systems and a/d/s upgrades.


Great guides for a/d/s upgrades for BMW’s.


Good information from Dom, who is collecting stuff to be added to the FAQ.



Examples of installs on BMW’s.


Excellent post on how to install the Factory CD Changer Kit.


Great link on how to remove the front door panels.

I know this was a very long post, but I hope that it will help others with their own upgrade plans.



Re-Print of David Badgy’s wiring diagram for E46 cars taken from here (not added the H&K signals as I did not used them):

Factory harness Wiring information:

Now that you have the connectors made, you need to figure out how to wire things up…

Some of the wiring harness info available on in the archives and the info faxed to me by ADS for the E46 is WRONG.

In the course of making the connector I started with info from the archives and a faxed page of info from ADS re E46 wiring – both had (different) errors in them – be advised that it pays to check all wiring for yourself in a project like this. Both sources had incorrect pin numbers and colors that did not match the wires physically in the harness. I have provided (to the best of my knowledge) corrected information below.

The notation I used below is:

Pin # xx / Signal

(main wire color) / (wire stripe color)

no connection literally means that there is not a wire in the factory harness at that pin.

Signal name followed by an * are signals that I believe to be correct, the color code is verified with the harness etc, but I did not personally use these signals in the upgrade so I can not claim to have proven the connections out personally. In particular I did not verify the +/- polarity of the factory mid range speakers. The non-* signals lines I am using to run the upgraded system so I am sure they are correct (at least for my car).

The harness connector pin numbers are embossed on the plastic. There are two “halves” to the connector, looking at the female harness connector its pin lay out looks like this:

Grey ˝ of connector

Pin # 13 / Tweeter Rear Right door + * Yellow Pin # 21 / Tweeter Rear Right door - *Blue / yellow

Pin # 12 / Tweeter Front Right - Blue / Brown Pin #20 / no connection

Pin # 11 / Tweeter Front Right + Blue / black Pin #19 / no connection

Pin # 10 / Switched +12v remote turn on White Pin #18 / no connection

Pin # 9 / Head unit output Front Right + Blue / red Pin #17 / Head unit output Front Right - Brown / orange

Pin # 8 / Head unit output Rear Right + Blue / black Pin #16 / Head unit output Rear Right - Brown / orange

Pin # 7 / no connection Pin #15 / no connection

Pin # 6 / no connection Pin #14 / no connection

Pin # 5 / +12v factory amp +12v supply *Red / green

Pin # 4 / Woofer Front Left +Blue / white

Pin # 3 / Woofer Front Left -Blue / brown

Pin # 2 / Woofer Rear Left +Yellow

Pin # 1 / Woofer Rear Left -Brown

Black ˝ of connector

Pin # 34 / Tweeter Front Left - Yellow / brown Pin # 42 / Mid Front Right door + *Green

Pin # 33 / Tweeter Front Left + Yellow / red Pin #41 / Mid Front Right door - *Blue / green

Pin # 32 / Tweeter Rear left door - * Yellow / brown Pin #40 / Mid Front left door + *White

Pin # 31 / Tweeter Rear Left door + * Yellow / black Pin #39 / Mid Front left door - *Blue / white

Pin # 30 / Head output Front left - Brown / orange Pin #38 / Head output Front Left + Yellow / red

Pin # 29 / Head output Rear Left - Brown / orange Pin #37 / Head output Rear Left + Yellow / black

Pin # 28 / no connection Pin #36 / no connection

Pin # 27 / no connection Pin #35 / no connection

Pin # 26 / DC ground factory ampBrown

Pin # 25 / Woofer Rear Right +Blue

Pin # 24 / Woofer Rear Right -Brown

Pin # 23 / Woofer Front Right +Blue / Red

Pin # 22 / Woofer Front Right -Blue / Brown

Pins 1-5 and 22-26 are heavier connections that then other pins, these are the ones that feed the woofers and provide power to the factory amp. I did not use the power connections for the factory amp for the ADS amp – the ADS can draw 30A and the factory connector had wire much to small for that type of current draw. Instead I powered the ADS amp directly (with safety fuses etc) from the battery (easy since BMW puts the battery in the trunk).


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