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Originally Posted by E46325Ci
Is removing the rear sway bar the same as the front, it says check the DIY section in tech on this forum but there is only instructions for the front...

Also what kind of oil/fluid should i purchase?

Any help would be appreciated since i will be doing this tomorrow....
The rear sway bar is pretty easy to remove. (then again.. .I'd done it about 5-6 times)

1. Jack up the rear end of the car.

2. remove both rear wheels.

3. From the top of the control arms, you should be able to see the bolt that connects to the sway bar endlink. remove the bolt. (I think it's behind the spring) Do the the same to the other side.

4. Go under the car and Remove the 2 tabs that hold the sway bar in place. It's a brass bracket that only has 1 bolt in it. Remove the bolt and nut.

5. Wiggle the sway bar out. If you have problems wiggling it out, it's probably b/c the endlink is getting in the way. just bend the endlink so it clears whatever it's snagging on. (end link is connected to the sway bar with a rubber bushing)
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