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Raced a WRX last night-VERY IMPRESSED!

Last night at around 12:30 i was coming back from my girlfriends house via 405 south.(this story is also a testement to my stupidity and inexpirience) It had rained that night, but wasn't raining anymore..roads were still very wet. There were zero cars on the highway...until i spot a silver WRX. Before this i have never raced one and i didn't know what to expect...i heard conflicting the run out of juice after 60mph...runnign quarter miles at 13.2 with just a boost controller. The guy was going speed limit, i was going 70ish. ( From the outside the only mods i can see is tint and mods are just cosmetics and a UUC silencer...i am still rolling on stock type 68's with conti touring sports)I slow down...downshift to 3rd...hit it in front of him...look behind me...nothing is happening he doesnt want to race. I put it back in 4th...look in the mirror...Suddenly he hit it hard! I dropped to 3rd...rev,drop clutch, and hit the gas...i did this in time to be a car length ahead of him. At around 95mph i'm close to redline , so i shift to 4th...look in mirror damn...he is only 1.5-2 cars behind me still. We are now going over 100 and we are on the part of 405 thats a couple of miles away from i-90...for non seattle people, this means there are A LOT of twisties. When we get to the twisties we are going 130+..I am near redline in 4th. The twisties come up...puddles all over...the wrx is STILL 1.5-2 cars behind me...not budging at all. THere was a hard corner, and we were going very fast, i had to take up two lanes for the turn. Now more and more corners are coming up...and I am going through them at insanse speeds...DSC light occasionaly switching on. At this point i am scared b/c i am doing all this in crappy road conditions...the WRX on the other hand is having little trouble keeping up. We get to a straightaway I go itno fifth...hit what would be my highest speed in this car...139mph. A twistiy comes up...i hit the brakes instinctively(now this is the part where your life flashes before your eyes and you realize you are STUPID) I suddenly remembered millions of horror stories of cars losing control when they hit the breaks on high speed cornering. I immediately felt my cars control feel strange...remebering all this i let go of the brakes, hit the gas and eased the corner. WRX is still behind me and not losing any ground. At this point i was scared hands shaking from adrenaline...After this curve i am thinking that i am a moron to compete with a turbo charged rally car in crappy road conditions. 30 seconds later i shut it down from being so shaken up and realizing i am a moron...I expected a ***** fly by, the guy was REALLY cool. He slowed down to my speed, rolled down the window and gave me a salute, and took the next exit...i did the same thing but i don't think he saw...he was on my right. In retrospect i am a moron...but i hope this story helps someone...remember don't be stupid like me and race during crappy road conditions and don't BRAKE during corners...only before or initial reaction almost caused me to crash my car I am sure. I am still very impressed with the WRX as it was able to keep up with me no did not run out of juice even close to 139. I thought at those speeds the 4wd would be a disadvantage but obviously it wasnt under these conditions. I have no idea if i would have been able to beat it by a larger margin on dry roads...but the guy was cool and a good driver, props.
PS. I am dumb
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