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Originally Posted by bimmerCi
tom i talked to you yesterday and now im getting very frustrated. i talked to the guy at tech support and he said to download the 2.06 version of the firmware. my problem was that although my ipod was recognizing that it was attached to my icelink, my car was not recognizing the ipod, or at least it wasnt going to the correct 'cd changer' mode that it uses to play. i downloaded the firmware and did everything they way it is instructed on your website. then i come to the bottom of the list where i have to connect my ipod to the icelink to continue the formatting. why, knowing that i would need to access the proper mode on my head unit would your tech support person suggest updating my firmware.

next i called again and talked to a different person in the tech support department, who told me to disconnect my battery. i did this and still nothing changes.

i have no idea what the problem is and aparently neither does tech support.

any ideas?
Plug the iPod into the Docking Cable/Active Cradle. When the warning disclaimer appears, there will be a small number on the upper right hand corner - I will need to know what number that is before we can go further.
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