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Well.......i got my icelink plus installed today. Trunkmount with the wire running foreward to the Proclip mount next to the radio. Icelink 2.06

Everything is working.......except......alternator sound/hissing. The sound is hissing/tapping with gas pedal at idle, and out of idle more of a whining sound.

From reading these pages it seems to me like people with trunk installs are having these issues and not with radio install. Is that a fair statement?????

I tried to change the voltage setting but i still get the hissing/whining.

This is what is strange. I had a Blitzsafe(adds AUX to your cd changer wire) adapter on the cd change cable before this and none of these problems. So to me it seems like an icelink issue.

I want this to work. Being able to charge unit, id text on the radio, playlist and steering button usage.

Oh well.....hopefully tom and crew will have a solution for me in the morning.
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