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Originally Posted by SanDiegoShaun

Hi All,

Ice Link problem with Sirius 65 12 0398 140 but not Sirius 84 11 0 153 165

Just trying to see if anyone may have the same set up or problems...

When listening to Sirius I hear a popping sound every few seconds. Was told that the voltage on the Ice Link could be up to much and causing bleed through to the Sirius. I checked and the voltage was at 2v, I lowered it all the way down to 0.5v and still have the same issue. It is in a 2005 330ci with Nav and the Ice link is connected with the trunk kit.

1. Dension sent out a new Ice Link, tested it and the popping is still there when listing to Sirius 65 12 0398 140.

2. Disconnected the Ice link and plugged in a CD changer to the Sirius 65 12 0398 140 input the popping is gone.

3. Installed an older Sirius unit 84 11 0 153 165 from a friend, the one with the two antenna outputs and plugged back in the Ice Link and the popping is gone.

4. Put my Sirius back in 65 12 0398 140 the newer one with the single antenna output and the popping is back.

5. 4/5/05 Exchanged the Sirius unit 65 12 0398 140 with another one from the dealer and the popping is still there.

Looks like IceLink is not working with the newer Sirius unit in an 05 with Nav'.

Does anyone else have an 05 with NAV, ICE LINK and Sirius 65 12 0398 140 ???
I think I have the same problem as you, normally hear the pops/clicks between tracks or in quiet spots of music.

I have a 2004 (November) 320d touring headunit install (IceLink+ v2.06, IPOD latest firmware, BMW Business CD, BMW Bluetooth)

I have had a replacement IceLink+ Module and still have the problems

As a test try turning the ignition OFF (not much use I know) and then see if the problem disappears mine does, if yours does also we may have the same issue.

This is even worse if I install the beta ID3 tags as every scroll creates a pop/click sound
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