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Originally Posted by DensionUSA
That ground is not needed, we usually clip off that wire before shipping the wiring harness here in the states.

Recheck the pins to make sure nothing has unseated.
Hi, Tom - Done all you suggested - Reseated wires, removed flying ground lead and I still get the clicks/pops between tracks and during quiet spots.

This is only a problem when the ignition is turned on (no I don't get any engine noise) the engine doesn't need to be running to reproduce just ignition on. When ignition is not turned on, everything works like a dream - So I suspect it has something to do with a voltage wire that comes active when ignition is on.
It happens when the IPOD is not connected as well as when connected.
If the ICELink+ module is connected I also get the pops/clicks when using the normal CD (Business CD HU) player.
I believe it only clicks/pops when updating the display on the headunit (which is why the ID3 tags is a real problem).
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