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Originally Posted by Spork
Great condition and well taken care of? So are the 26321 other M3's for sale. Ask any forum member whether their car is in good condition or well taken care of. Everyone waxes, everyone changes oil, everyone does routine repairs.

91k doesn't qualify for pristine condition, no matter how spotless it is. It also doesn't sell for 29k.

Weren't you trading it in this week?

This is simply not true.
Some people will change their oil every 3-5k miles. Some people will let their dealer do it every 15k. This goes for other 'lifetime' fluids as well.

Some people will hand wash their cars and do it the right was so as not to have any extraneous swirls marks. Others will bring it to the $5 car wash and have the crap beaten out of their paint

Some cars don't get much passengers. Others will have dogs in the back.

Some people don't ever park their cars on streets. Others will park it wherever they can squeeze into (nice dings and scratches) Don't believe me? There's a red E46 M3 in the lot next to mine. Come by some time and check it out. Drives in the snow with his summer tires. He couldn't care less.

The list goes on.
Good luck with the sale.
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