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Originally Posted by Spork
I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but KBB is the standard right now. Everyone and their mother uses Kbb. Except dealers. Forget about dealers, dealers don't use any type of paperback pricing guides at all. Insurance companies have their own system, about which I have no idea.

Don't waste peoples time telling them not to low-ball. No one will listen. It's everyones right to ask for X amount of money for their cars, and it's everyones right to offer Y amount of money for anothers car. Whether a sale is made is secondary.


hey there ummm spork, you're not bursting my bubble. call your car insurance company and ask them. i know i just did and to no surprise they told me they use NADA. also i just went to Miller's Imports on rt15 and asked the SA and he told me that he uses NADA. so as i said before... here in PA nobody uses KBB cause it's old and inaccurate.
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