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Percentage Numbers represent amount of light transmission.
Example : 35% means 35% light transmission.
Also known as VLT or Visible Light Transmission.
Film - Amount of light that is required to pass through window film.
Example : 35% Film means that the film must pass through at least 35% visible light.

Net - Amount of light that is required to pass both the car window and the tint film.
MPV - A vehicle such as a recreation vehicle such as a pickup truck including GMC Suburbans, Nissan Pathfinders, Extra Cab Trucks

When info is given, it is in the format of :
Windshield / Front Side Windows / Rear Side Windows / Rear-Back Window / Year Passed
Where :
NO - No Film is Allowed
ANY - Any degree of tinting is allowed
AS-1 - On the windshield, there is a mark that says "AS-1" toward the top that defines that the tint cannot go below.
UnDef - Nothing defined in the law.
FMVSS 205 - A regulation that is found in the Code of Federal Regulation. The regulation is found in 49 CFR 571.205
35 % Film - Light that is measured on the film alone
35 % Net - Light that is measured both through the film and car window


4 inches / 35 % Film / 15 % Net / 5 % Net / 1994

A tint brow on the windshield cannot go no lower than 4 inches, 35% film may be applied to the front side windows, 15% light must go through the combined window film and windows for the rear side windows and 5 % light transmission is required on the rear back window and film combined. The year 1994 is the year that the law went into effect.

New Jersey
NO / NO / ANY / ANY / 198x

Enforcement Note : Illegal window tint can be the reason for failing state safety inspection.

New York
NO / NO/ NO/ NO / 1993

Note : Very strict law. Replacement glass that is tinted is allowed if and only if the original windows were tinted as well. Medical exemption is provided for with permission from Commisioner of Motor Vehicles.

Complex / 35% Net / 35% Net / 35% Net / 1995

Note : MPV Vehicle windows behind the front side doors are exempt so long as they meet FMVSS 205. The Windshield can have a tint strip at the top. The amount is determined by a complex formula as defined in Sec 14-99g, Subsection C, part 11 as written by an East Coast lawyer.
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