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here are all the states And some of Canada
6 inches / 35% Film / 35% Film / 35% Film / 1996

Note : MPV Vehicles are exempt behind the front side doors.

5 inches / NO / 40% Net / 40% Net / 1994

Note : MPV Vehicles can have any degree of tinting behind the front side doors so long as they comply with FMVSS 205. Mirrored tint is prohibited.

Enforcement Note : Tint regulation does apply to non-Alaska registered vehicles. State Troopers write fix-it tickets which requires "repair" within 5 days and the City of Anchorage will write $150 tickets for the violation.

UnDef / 35% Film / ANY / ANY / 198?

UnDef / 25% Net / 25% Net / 10% Net / 1994

Note : MPV's are allowed 10% Net tint on rear side windows

Enforcement Note : Tint law applies only to AR registered vehicles and vehicles from other states that have NO tint law which is now moot since all 50 states have some type of tint law with Wyoming being the last to pass a tint law.

NO / NO / ANY / ANY* / 1987 ?

Note : If the rear-back window is tinted, left and right rear-view mirrors are required.

Medical exemption allows for tint or other shading material is allowed on the front side doors if it allows at least 35% of the light to go through, readily is removable and cannot be used at night.

Enforcement Note : Out-of-State cars driven in California are required to be in compliance with the CA Tint law.

2 Phase Law:
4 inches or AS-1 / NO / ANY / ANY / 1989
4 inches or AS-1 / 27% Net / 27% Net / 27% Net / 1989

Note : No mirrored tint is allowed.

Enforcement Note : The fine for being in violation is $50 and the driver is not usually required to fix the windows. Tint shops are not allowed to tint cars beyond state law. State patrol carries light meters along with some local towns but they don't worry about window tinting unless it is very dark such as limo tint (5%).

Complex / 35% Net / 35% Net / 35% Net / 1995

Note : MPV Vehicle windows behind the front side doors are exempt so long as they meet FMVSS 205. The Windshield can have a tint strip at the top. The amount is determined by a complex formula as defined in Sec 14-99g, Subsection C, part 11 as written by an East Coast lawyer.

AS-1 / NO / ANY / ANY / 199?

District of Columbia
NO / NO / 50% Net / 50% Net / 1994

Enforcement Note : Can apply to out-of-state motorist, no out-of-state exemption defined in statute.

AS-1 / 28% Net / 15% Net / 15% Net / 198?

Note : MPV Vehicles windows behind the front side doors must allow for 6 % Net light transmission.

Enforcement Note : Law enforced by the use of light meters and can apply to out-of-state motorist.

NO / 32% Net / 32% Net / 32% Net / 1990

ANY / ANY / ANY / ANY / 1978/9

Note : It was illegal to have tint but the tint law was declared unconstitutional as noted in the court decision part.

NO / 35% Net / 35% Net / 35% Net / 198x

Enforcement Note : Illegal tint on cars can be a reason to be failed in the state safety inspection.

AS-1 / 35% Film / ANY / 35% Film / 1993

Note : Mirrored tint is illegal. Medical exemption ia available. Cars with window tint that are considered illegal can apply for a waiver between June 30, 1992 and Jan 1, 1993.

NO / NO / ANY / ANY* / 1984 ?

Note : If window tint is applied to the rear-back window, a right and left rear-view mirrors are required. Cars before 1982 model year are exempt from IL tint law.

30% Film / 30% Film / ANY / 30% Film / 1995

Note : Darker tint is allowed for medical reason only as attested to by medical doctor or eye doctor.

Enforcement Note : Out-of-state motorist can be ticketed for being in violation of IN tint law but are usually left alone. Law enforcement usually enforces the tint law on the front side windows. Most law enforcement do not know that the rear-back window is included in the law. Some local towns will fine motorist $200 for violation as well as requiring them to fix it.

Legislation: HB1282 which will basically outlaw window tint. It would ban any tint that would go beyond Federal Standards which is 70% visible light transmission. Violation would fall under an enhanced penalty of a Class B infraction which has a max fine of $1000.

AS-1 / NO / ANY / ANY / Unknown

Note : A pending bill in the legislature would mandate light transmission on all windows of at least 70% (Basically no aftermarket tint allowed). Puts the federal window tint regulation into state law.

Enforcement Note : Iowa is spotty on enforcement but can enforce the law against out-of-state motorist such as writing a fix-it ticket.

AS-1 / 35% Net / 35% Net / 35% Net / 1987

AS-1 / 35% Film / 18% Film / 18% Film / 1988

Note : MPV Vehicles can have 8% Film behind the front side doors.

AS-1 / 40% Net / 25% Net / 12% Net / 199x

NO / 50% Film / 50% Film / 50% Film / 198x

Enforcement Note : As the law is read, it can be applied to out-of-state cars. A car with tint that is more dark than allowed by the state can fail safety ispection.

NO / 35% Net / 35% Net / 35% Net / 1993

NO / 35% Net / 35% Net / 35% Net

Enforcement Note : People with 35% tint have been given tickets for tinting due to light meters reading less than 35% since car glass can have from 70% to 90% window tint.

4 inches / 4 inches / ANY / ANY / 198x

Note : Changes to the law has been discussed such as allowing for 35% tint on the front side windows but the State Police would push hard for a complete ban on tint if it got through and they have the political power to do it.

Enforcement Note : Michigan State police will give the 3rd degree look to any car that is not in compliance with MI tint law but will usually leave out-of-state motorist alone.

NO / 50% Film / 50% Film / 50% Film / 198x

Note : Darker tint is allowed with Medical Exemption.

AS-1 / 35% Net / 35% Net / 35% Net / 1989

Enforcement Note : Illegal window tint can be a reason for failing the yearly state safety inspection.

AS-1 / 35% Net / Any / Any / 2002

Enforcement Note : New law removed out-of-state exemption but don't know how the MO State Highway Patrol will deal with that ?

Tint is NO LONGER part of the State Safety Inspection, a plus for MO residents.

Additional Note: Took effect Feb 14, 2002. Original law banned tint on the front side windows but allowed anything behind and then changed in 2001 for 35% NET on ALL windows and in 2002 changed to 35% NET on front side windows but once again, anything behind goes !

AS-1 / 24% Net / 14% Net / 14% Net / 1991

Note : MPV Vehicles windows behind the front doors are exempt from tint law. Cars before Oct 1, 1991 that were registered in Montana and had tint that would be considered illegal under the law can continue to have any kind of window tint but the registration must indicate a tinted window waiver and the waiver can no longer be applied for. Those who have waviers can continue to use them and when the car is sold, the waiver is good for the next owner.

A permit for dark tint can be applied for if needed for security or medical reasons.

Enforcement Note : Montana Law enforcement is lax on enforcing the tint law but there is a heavy fine if enforced and maybe required to be fixed.

AS-1 / 35% Film / 20% Film / 20% Film / 199x

AS-1 / 35% Film / ANY / ANY / 1993

Note : There is a medical exemption for the tint law.

Enforcement Note : Tint law does not apply to 1993 or older model cars that had tint applied before July 1, 1993.

New Hampshire
NO / NO / 35% Net / 35% Net / 198x

Enforcement Note : Having illegal tint can mean the failure of the state safety inspection.

New Jersey
NO / NO / ANY / ANY / 198x

Enforcement Note : Illegal window tint can be the reason for failing state safety inspection.

New Mexico
AS-1 / 20% Net / 20-% Net / 20-% Net / 1997

Note : Local law takes precedence over state law. The most liberal tint law in the country. MPV, trucks, buses can have anything behind the front side windows. Tint done before Jul 1, 1997 is exempt from the law.

New York
NO / NO/ NO/ NO / 1993

Note : Very strict law. Replacement glass that is tinted is allowed if and only if the original windows were tinted as well. Medical exemption is provided for with permission from Commisioner of Motor Vehicles.
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