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Originally Posted by kash2776
My point is made. Amitv85 has a car that meets those qualifications and is looking to make contact. Does dork's argument hold up? If he hadn't contaminated this thread will all his bullsh*t it might be worth something. I understand he needed to vent his frustration at other people trying to buy cars he knows he could never have.
Of course it does.

Amitv85 didn't respond with a price (ROFL). Amitv85 dones't know how much he wants for his car, Rube23 doesn't know how much he wants to pay for his car. A DEAL WILL SURELY BE MADE!

You must be the champion of psychology. I was just sitting here thinking: "DRAT! I wish I could buy an M3, but I have no money! Let me go pick a fight with someone who's looking to buy one on the internet!" Dead-on! Where do you lecture? Harvard? Yale?

How much does Rube pay you to write these replies for him? He should ask for his money back.

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