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Originally Posted by OLGA
How do you know if the Window Regulator is broke. I've been using the Driver's side window up/down with no noises and problems. But when I brought it into the dealer to fix my door brake, they said it will cost $290 to fix the window regulator. The dealer said the regulator parts are broken and in pieces laying at the bottom of the door. The window worked fine just before I dropped my car off for service? They asked if I heard any loud noises when operating the window, but the thing is quiet? Are there any warning signs?

Sometimes they just break all the sudden, sometimes you will get a bit of a warning. If its starting to break you may get some load clicking of cracking noises as the window goes up.

If you can follow a DIY and have someone to help I would fix it yourself. The part online is $75 it takes about an hour to change (quicker if you know what your doing)

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