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Originally Posted by alicuencana
Ive heard that doing an OEM upgrade its no so good because like HU doesnt have rcas, amplifiers produces a lot of noise although you use a hi/low conversor. Is it true or not. Im thinking on do this but Im not sure.
You've heard that from someone trying to sell you more equipment. First, Line Output Convertors (LOC) have come a long way. Popular ones like the Peripheral SVEN4 (as listed above) shouldn't have any noise issues if installed properly. Second, the BMW head unit DOES have an RCA output, it's just an atyical balanced signal, which the SVEN4 converts to "standard" RCA's as good as any from any other head unit. Third, try the SVEN4 route, and if that doesn't go right, you're only out $30 for the part. You can then by a new headunit and run RCA cables from the new head unit to the amps. Personally, I'd think it's worth the $30 risk, over definitly buying a new head unit and paying for labor to run RCAs to the trunk. (Plus you'd easily get $15 for the SVEN4 on these boards, so you'd only be out $15)
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