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Originally Posted by Dave
Can anyone give a newbie to ICE a rundown on how these would differ for a sedan? I have a coupe but we'll be doing my girlfriend's 323i this summer. Seems that her non HK unit has the tweeters up near the side view mirrors, would that affect anything?
It really shouldn't make much of a difference in components, just the techniques to take the speakers out.
Originally Posted by Dave
Also, what kind of useful mount points for the amp exist for those with a full service spare?
You could do it on the floor of the trunk and make it liftable, mount it on either side, or hang it from the roof of the trunk. (The last one might have some critics.) It's up to you.
Originally Posted by Dave
So this whole thing uses 6 speakers instead of the 10 from the factory, and still kicks ass? Pretty cool. No need whatsoever for rear door speakers?
I'm installing the stealthboxes in my rear deck and have only removed the rear speakers. (No subs installed yet) I already think the car sounds better. There are many true audiophiles out there who never put in "rear fill" as they feel it confuses the sound stage. I'm now agreeing as I only have sound coming from the front and I think it sound s great. Can't wait for the subs and replacement speakers!
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