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I hear ya bro...

Originally posted by E46_Angemon
Well I want that drop but with better shocks. I am happy with the ride height since the roads in Vancouver aren't all that good. I just want better ride quality... :sad:
I'm very happy with the drop and that's good b/c I cannot go much lower or get bigger wheels b/c the potholes in St. Louis are really bad.

I wouldn't last a week with 19"s or coils...

I've only driven 100 miles on the cupkit since yesterday so I not ready to comment too much on rid quality. However, my intial impressions are favorable...a little stiffer than the OEM sport suspension but not too harsh.

I think the true test will be when my girlfriend rides in my car tonight...she's more like the average driver and will notice right away if the ride is really harsh. I guess we'll see...I'm heading out to have dinner with her parents in a few mins.
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