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For those who might be interested in this amp, here is a link to the McIntosh site showing the specs for it:

The amp is indeed a 6-channel amp, configurable to 4, 5, and 6 channels, with one, two, or three of the pairs of channels being bridged. In its 6-channel mode, it pushes 50x4 and 100x2. I tried to find a price for the amp online but was unable. Based on my experience, though, I would say that, brand new, the list price is probably in the $1500 neighborhood.

As an owner of McIntosh amps in both my previous and current cars, I can vouch for the quality of this equipment. I had an amp just like this one in my previous car (my sister now has it). In my current car ('02 325i , I'm running two more powerful McIntosh amps, as well as a McIntosh head unit and speakers.
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