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Originally Posted by AMG EATER
how difficult was it? My bentley manual sure doesnt show much, only 2 pictures? My fan speed is now completely gone even if i crank it to full speed, it use to be erratic. Same as yours?
exactly the same symptoms man, my fan was perfect, then it would cycle high to low, then it seemed to never go high, then the other night it stoped working completely (might be unrelated but the outside & inside air also stoped working).

my car is an aussie car and took about 40 miuntes. i had to remove the shelf under the drivers side (which would be your glove box area) and then uncliped the stepper motor thing. i couldn't get it out without undoing the stepper motor housing but i could just get my hands in there to reach the screw and put it back in. Theres a gallery for the top screw in that housing thing and i found that a god send as it would be alot harder to get it in otherwise. i needed a thin T-20 torx screw driver to get the top screws as the steering colum was in the way and i didn't need to pull out the floor vent, only move it but like i said, australian delivered car.

it works a treat now, bulk impressed with the forums knowledge and glad something more serious wasn't ****ed as i was thinking it would be the cc unit or the blower itself.
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