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I just installed these lines today along with new rotors and pads and some new super blue. I haven't had a chance to bed the pads in, so I can't really comment on the set-up, but driving around the block I could definitely feel the difference the brake lines make. It is night and day! Yes, I have bleed my brakes before, so it wasn't just new fluid, there is a noticable difference in pedal feel. THe install was really easy, a few pointers- if you are removing the brake calipers, loosen the brake line connected to the caliper before you remove it, ok, only one pointer. IT was easy except for one wheel. When I was connecting the line to the hard line on the car, I cross threaded the connector on the line.

If you run into the same problem, use the old brake lines male end and screw it into the new brake line connector a few times. THis was enough to straighten the threads out and it went on without a problem.

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