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I installed SS brake lines on my last car and it was an amazing and immediate improvement. I have no reason to replace the lines on my E46 since it's brand new but I will... The list for UUC products just keeps growing...

The control/modulation was my biggest surprise. If it were a stereo, it would be like going from a 10-step volume knob to a 100-step volume knob.. just tons more control. If you do autocross or track events, I would consider these mandatory. On the street, you'll actually enjoy braking due to the new amount of control you have.

Another improvement is the 'solidness' of the break feel. There is no sponge. You don't even realize what you have IS spongey until you go with the SS lines. I must say the BMW brakes stock are fantastic but the pedal feel and modulation have room for improvement. You're nuts not to do this mod for $100.

I have no affiliation with UUC... (but given the list that keeps growing, I may need to.. LOL.. )
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