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YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, o maaaaaaaaaaaaaan what a great sound!!!!!!!!

rear speakers installed, the sound picture is complete. Its so very good , the sound picture is almost perfekt. I got bas, i got lots of mid bassss and perfekt highs.

Man i am so pleased with the install of hans acs. We did the tweeter front again of 1 door because the left tweeter was not perfektly aimed and installed the RM 6 boston speakers in the rear. We used the oem bmw basket where the speakers lies in. I would recommend you use this basket. Without it , it a lesser sound. We taped the speakers in the basket. So it sealed perfekly on the top. The bostons are just perfekly made for the bmw basket. Its a perfekt fit.

I wass blown away with the sound. I got almost no distorsion at full 4 x 6O watt volume.

Man i can recommend this to anyone. This is so much better dan the bmw oem HK system.
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