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Originally posted by cls1000
hey steve what's up? I posted pics yesterday......both front & rear are 160mm, which means a 6" is a perfect fit. Regardless of what you run you will need to fabricate an adp. to fit, but your biggest concern will be with depth in the bottem of the doors.
Thanks. I'm just trying to figure them all out so I can upgrade the whole thing. If there is any one thing I'm disappointed about with my BMW purchase I'd have to say it's the stereo... especially since I paid the extra dosh for the HK system.

So, do you know what size all the speakers are? So far I got 2 - 6" speakers in the doors, 2 - 6" speakers in the back (sides?), and to 6x9 subs in the deck. What are the others? 1" tweaters in the front doors? and...

I know a lot of guys have done upgrades, so I suprised it's so hard to find this info. Any help would be appreciated
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