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Does anyone have pics of where the Camshaft Position Sensor (intake) is?
I found the CPS (exhaust) but not the intake. Thanks.

Originally Posted by Pigeon
I finally did this today and thought I'd share some things I learned.

You'll need a couple non-standard things to do the replacement:
32mm open-ended wrench to remove/replace the VANOS solenoid
5mm Allen head socket
Blue loctite - the factory put it on the bolt holding the sensor for a reason...

Here's how to do it:
* Remove the airbox (2 10mm bolts after the cover's removed)
* Disconnect the tube above the sensor and the VANOS solenoid by squeezing both sides of the connector and pulling straight out (I think this is the PCV recirculation but I'm not sure)
* Disconnect the VANOS solenoid electrical connector by squeezing the wire clip and pulling the connector off
* Remove the VANOS solenoid with the 32mm wrench. Oil will come out, have rags ready
* Remove the camshaft position sensor hold down bolt with the 5mm Allen socket. A standard Allen wrench will also do.
* Pull the CPS out - give it a twist to help it out. Make sure you clean out where the gasket goes as mine was pretty cruddy there. Get a new gasket with the new CPS, it's a buck and worth it to avoid a potential oil leak
* Trace the wire to the connector way underneath the intake, disconnect it and remove the CPS from the car
* Run the new sensor's wire the same way the old one ran
* Put the new gasket on the sensor, lube it with a couple drops of clean oil and install the sensor
* Reinstall the 5mm Allen bolt with a drop of blue Loctite
* Put everything else back where it came from

Total time, if you have everything you need at hand, maybe 45 minutes.

Have fun!

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