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I wanted to keep the trunk somewhat simple. I am not really into flashy installs in my own cars, but I didn't want it to be boring either. A little plexi was good enough to accentuate the install. I have to make some kind of grilles (most likely out of plexi) to protect the subs.

An EQX in the factory storage area is hidden when I am not tweaking

Since the amps are very heavy (Sounstream Van Gogh 800.2 for the fronts and 1600.2 for the subs), I had to make my shelf out of 3/4" plexi and support it with 3 plexi pieces bolted from the top of the rear deck to the bottom of the rack.

I didn't want to get carried away with lighting, but I ended up adding some "color" to the install.

Between the two subs, I have a capacitor, ground distribution block and power fusing (all easily accesible from the rear seat). I made a pseudo-BMW logo with two holes for "venting". I did some side-lighting on the logo with LEDs to make it stand out.

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