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Originally Posted by tomalexm
How about info on claybar? After i heard ppl threaten death if u dotn clay, i went out and got a ripped off claybar, didnt like its results, and went ahead and waxed with meguiars NXT tech with brilliant results. they clay scared me, the way it skidded or slid over paint
I'll try to write a basic FAQ for claybars and answer your questions:

When to Clay? When you're paint feels rough to the touch, it could use a claybar. If you have deposits of rail dust (even from transport on brand new cars) a claybar can help remove them. Tar remains, sap, overspray, and other surface contaminants. A simple test is to put your finger in a plastic bag and run your finger over the surface, this will amplify the contaminations you can feel.

Where do I use Clay in the detailing process? Clay should be used right after washing and before polishing and waxing.

How do I use a Clay Bar? Using a clay bar is easier than you think. Work in 2' x 2' sections. Spray on some clay lubricant (quick detailer or shampoo + water solution). Using light to moderate pressure glide the clay across the lubricated surface. Buff off excess lube with a microfiber towel. Kneed the clay bar into a fresh surface every panel.

My clay is skipping, what did I do wrong? There was not enough clay lube on the surface which caused the clay to skid / skip. Apply more lube in that area to remove stuck on clay - OR - you are using too much pressure.

Will claying my car make it look better? The end result of a detail is directly related to how well the car is prepped before polishing and waxing. So, yes, it will yield a better looking car in the end.

I dropped my Clay Bar what do I do? Throw that piece out immediately and get a new piece. Otherwise you will chance scratching your paint! We suggest cutting up your clay bar into 4-6 pieces (with our 200g bars). They will be big enough to still mold in your hands. Some people convert dropped clay to a clay bar for their wheels, but if you have real nice wheels, you still run the risk of scratching them with the dropped clay.

How often should I clay my car? I like to clay my car twice a year (Spring and Fall) however more will not harm the paint. Studies have shown that claying a car does not effect your layer of clear coat unlike the common misconception some have.

Will Clay Remove Swirls? No, a clay bar does not fill or remove swirl marks. It's main purpose is to remove surface contamination.

Hope that helps!


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