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Originally Posted by hayesMpower

Any suggestions for quality bars and lubricants at affordable prices?

hayes, thanks for the positive feedback.

As far as available clay bars... There are really only two types of clay bars out there due to tons of US Patents. The more popular of the two is the Clay Magic brand and feel. That is the style that we carry in our stores. When you purchase one of our Clay Bars the first thing we suggest doing is ripping / cutting the clay up into 5 or 6 different pieces to work with. This way it ensures that if you drop a piece, you don't ruin your $25 bar, rather you just get another piece. At first I wasn't a huge fan until I learned some of the tricks to it which I will pass on to all of you! Biggest thing, when you first get the bar, cut it up and spray some quick detailer in the container the bar comes in. When you first get the bar, it tends to be a little crumbley as it breaks apart, by spraying the lubricant in the container, the clay absorbs it and has a much nicer feel when you go to use it!

Clay Bars Click Here

The clay bars we carry are 200 gram bars. Many clay bars you'll see in retail stores are 50g - 80g bars. Mother's Clay Bar kit runs ~$16 - 20 in retail stores with an 80g bar IIRC. So bang for your buck you're getting a lot more bar for just a few bucks more.

To cut down on cost a bit, you can make your own lube with a nice mix of automotive shampoo + water, rather than going with quick detailer solution. If that's the case, I have a few generic clay bars actually made by Clay Magic, just in a generic casing we are selling for $20 (same 200g bars!) PM me if you are interested in one of those, we don't have them up on our website.


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