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Originally Posted by 02White330Ci
What is a good tire shine that you recommend. Something that shines nice but also doesnt splatter all over the car as you drive away. Also whats a good applicator pad, Whenever i shine my tires up, i get everything in my fingernails and all over my hands
02White330Ci - I'll give a little background on tire shine first. There are two primary types available, water based and silicon based. The majority of tire shines out there are the silicon based ones. They give you a deep wet look that out lasts the water based shines, but the downfalls are - they are bad for the tires and can lead to discoloring and cracking and secondly you get a lot of sling (splattering up on the paint when driving) from them. The water based tire dressing actually get absorbed into the tire rather than sitting on the surface. They are GOOD for your tires, provide UV coating and proper conditioners to avoid cracking tires. No sling since the product is being absorbed into the tires the only downfall is you won't get that SUPER wet look for long. What I suggest to my customers is for daily driving use the water based tire dressing and if needed for a car show put on the silicone based on top of the water based.

My favorite water based tire shine is by Poorboy's and its called Bold 'n Bright.

Click to view Poorboy's Bold 'n Bright

As far as an applicator pad I've yet to find one I'm sold on. The Eagle One applicators still tend to get stuff over your fingers as you said. The Corrand block, the applicator pad falls apart as you run it over your tires. So I just suck it up and use a foam applicator pad because its easy to contour around your tires.


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