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Originally Posted by drg
Quick question

What is the best bang for the buck swirl remover?

Dollar for dollar, my vote would have to go to Poorboy's SSR 2.5 and SSR 1 combo. Either our homepage special with 2 microfiber apps and 2 microfiber towels or our new group rate bundle with the SSR 2.5, SSR 1, and Menzerna FTG. I added it due to popular request

Originally Posted by PriMoPyRo
"Full Molecular Jacket 16oz + P21s Concour Carnauba Wax 6.2oz Jar - $60"

I dont see that on the page yet, but that sounds perfect! ill deffinatly add that.

perhaps you can offer two variations of "Package 2" one with the the Menzerna 2 step process + FTG and one with the poorboys 2.5/1.0 + FTG....I say this becuase it seems alot of people seem to stay loyal to the Poorboys World name, seems it should be an option if they are on the same level.

i duno, just thinking outloud, its great seeing all these products in a pakage like this.
Check the third post in our Group Rate Thread Trying to get a moderator to combine them.

Originally Posted by PriMoPyRo
last question (for tonight anyways) are the pads your going to include with 7424 bundle going to be the Lake Country velco with the constant pressure layer?
I know the cutting pads and the finishing pads are variable contact, I'll have to double check on the polishing pads though! I'll get back to you.


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