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Old already filled chips

Thank you for the abundance of WONDEFUL information, just for the service alone I am going to be heading over to the website and checking everything out after I get paid tomorrow. While I currently use Zymol, the "Detail" for plactics, the blue hard wax (forget the name), as well as many other things I would like to get everything going "right" and do a claying in the near future on my '99 Techno Violet. I have several questions for you.

1.I have several chips that have already been sloppily filled, I am not sure how long ago. I have the blob, and while it is not too bad, it DOES bother me being that I am a perfectionist. Would a wet-sand of the area as per you prior instructions as well as the subsequent instruction be all that is needed to make these spots more appealing?

2.I think the 4" scratch above my fuel door I can handle with your instructions, it is not to metal, not rusted, and while I think it goes below clear, cleaning filling and then the rest of the procedure. Any special advice?

3. Any tips for rejuvinating the black moulding, the black air dam lip, and the likes?

Thank you in advance, I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading this thread.

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