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Originally Posted by M3_POWER
Well, I'm going to finally bust out the PC and get the swirls off the car. I have a layer of AIO and a couple coats of SG (put on about 3-4 months ago) and a couple of layers of #26 on there as well. I want to strip all of these products off so I can have a nice clean surface to work with. Do I need to dawn my car to strip all of those products off or will claying be enough to strip all of those? If I need dawn, is there anything else I can use instead of dawn? I'm just a little freaked out about using dish wash soap for my car. Thanks.
Dawn will definately strip any wax you previously have on your paint. It will not be harmful as long as you follow up with the proper steps (polish, sealant, etc.). The thing is... when you polish you strip off any protective characteristics you may have to begin with, so you can just use a regular automotive wash and leave the dawn to your dishes


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