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Originally Posted by 1999 TV Dinan M
1.I have several chips that have already been sloppily filled, I am not sure how long ago. I have the blob, and while it is not too bad, it DOES bother me being that I am a perfectionist. Would a wet-sand of the area as per you prior instructions as well as the subsequent instruction be all that is needed to make these spots more appealing?
Yes this would be the proper steps to take to if you are aiming for perfection It may need another coat though depending on how the previous job was but still it would follow the same steps as posted.

Originally Posted by 1999 TV Dinan M
2.I think the 4" scratch above my fuel door I can handle with your instructions, it is not to metal, not rusted, and while I think it goes below clear, cleaning filling and then the rest of the procedure. Any special advice?
Nope same advice as above. The step by step process is pretty thorough that's posted above but if you run into any questions while doing it we're just a phone call away if you need instant help. (518) 429-8435 ... we're still trying to come up w/ a clever 800 # hehe.

Originally Posted by 1999 TV Dinan M
3. Any tips for rejuvinating the black moulding, the black air dam lip, and the likes?
There are products out there that can restore life back to black trim. The problem is many of the fixes out there are temporary, even the dyes that say they are permanant tend to fade or wash away. Poorboy's makes a nice Trim Restorer and for black vinyl and rubber we really like Leatherique "Original" Rubber Black as a somewhat longer fix. The dye needs time to cure and multiple coats work best.

Thanks for the compliments about the thread, I hope you have time to follow up on your experiences and let us know how everything works out for you. Thanks for the comments on the photos as well, you are right. I am not a photo expert by any means, however I feel the shade/overcast does take away from some of the color depth and some of the wow effect you get when its bright out.


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