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Originally Posted by csunflip
Should I use the Final Polish II on my new car, or should I go straight to glaze then sealant?

Do you recommend polishing a car which is pretty much brand new? I got some swirling already and want to minimize future damages. Or should I just skip to 3 and 4?
I think you answered your own question there Starting right out and attacking the swirls is your best bet, if you don't they only have the chance to get deeper and deeper and thus harder to get out! Polishing with Final Polish II is an extremely fine abrasive and you should not worry if your car is new. Keeping it perfect now will only save you time in the long run so go right ahead and put a coat on

Originally Posted by csunflip
Also.....should I add a final wax after the FMJ? Seems like i am going to be tired after the FP II =)

Let me know what you guys think!
Only thing you should consider topping it with is a coat of Carnauba. This is if you are going for the absolute maximum gloss and reflection. Protection wise it will not even come close to the protection the FMJ will give you (and by the way that is my absolute favorite sealant out right now! Great choice ) So basically if you want to go the extra mile, that's the last step which is just as easy to put on and off as the FMJ so it doesn't take too long.

I think you'll have to take some pics of your hard work! I absolutely love the finish that comes off of the vehicles that we use Menzerna on.


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