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Originally Posted by BayerischeMW
what is this "dawn" you speak of?
Dawn dishwashing soap... What it will do is strip any wax that is on there if you want to start from a fresh surface. When maintaining you want to make sure you use a very good lubricating shampoo so it does NOT strip any of your hard work!

Originally Posted by BayerischeMW
on your "How To" pages on your website, it says:
should you really use circular motions when washing? is it just when drying, applying polish/wax one should use straight motions and NOT circular ones?
Yep, you got us there... We're actually in the process of redesigning our whole website and rewording everything on there, basically starting from scratch! If you are using the proper washing and drying techniques (2 wash buckets technique, microfiber or sheepskin washmitt, waffle weave drying towel) it shouldn't hurt to wash in circular motions, but to reduce the risk of potentially damaging your paint, you are correct.

Ideally (and this is going on the new site) horizontal panels (hood, roof, trunk) should be washed from left to right. Verticle ones, (doors, bumpers, etc.) should be washed up and down. That way, if a imperfection does occur, optically it will not be as visible.

Originally Posted by BayerischeMW
also, you know the plastic (i assume it's plastic?) housings on our BMWs sidemirrors? it's starting to looks white in some areas, what's the best product to clean and protect it? Plexus Plastic Cleaner & Polish?
Yep the Plexus should work assuming its plastic. Other options would be 303 Aerospace Cleaner, Poorboy's Trim Restorer, or even some Klasse AIO.


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