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Originally Posted by 323convert
Question about foam pads:

I understand that using a heavy cutting pad with a light polish or sealant is inappropriate, but can you use a polishing or finishing pad with a compound? I wanted to know if I can use a white polishing pad with 3M Perfect-It II Fine Cut Rubbing Compound. I am trying to remove swirl marks, scuffs, and fine scratches from the previous owner. I would imagine the compound will still cut, even without a cutting pad, but I wanted to ask the experts. Thanks in advance for your response!
Sorry about the delayed response, we've been very busy lately:

The various detailing forums have info about only using pads that match the product--using pads that are more aggressive than the product only leads to marring/dulling from the pad, or using aggressive products with less aggressive pads creates scouring because the polish/cutting agent doesn’t heat up enough to be effective.

Can you use a compound / abrasive polish with a polishing pad and get decent results? Yes. With a finishing pad? No.

For example... SSR 2.5 with a white Lake Country Polishing Pad is fine. With a Black LC Finishing pad, no-no.

A lot of times we might do a coat w/ a cutting pad, then go over it with the same product on a polishing pad (example SSR 2.5) but never go less aggressive than a polishing pad for an abrasive polish/compound.


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