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Re: ....njsign, John from jersey

Originally posted by Salsero

John from jersey- you think LWFW will help this? To me it feels like DSC interference. However it sounds like you are familiar with problem. Can you tell me cause and how UUC FW will help?

Im familiar in a sense, I know what you are referring to. I use to drive an E46 what u describe seems to be what i have experienced.

If you have bypassed the DSC completely, which is done by holdin the DSC button down for 10 secs or so.
If its your DSC interfering wouldnt the light flash on your dash alerting you that is the DSC working? It should i concluded you are having throttle hesitation. And yes my suggestion up above will improve greatly on this. A freind of mine drives a 330cic with this installed and loves it..Seems to have great results due to it

U may want to try an email him if he doesnt respond to this thread For first hand impressions on the UUC Lightweight Flywheel
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