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Originally Posted by Gregs
The clay bar will generally not remove the swirl marks. If they are extremely faint you may be able to get them out with the clay bar but more than likely you need a very mild polish like the Poorboy's World SSR 1.0 or Menzerna Final Polish II. These polishes are very gentle and can be applied by hand or buffer. Since you describe the marks as faint I think the polish would be more than enough to take them out. If they are a little difficult to remove then just give it multiple passes and it should be no problem. Other than that your plan sounds fine and your right on target.

If you still plan on claying your process would go as follows:

Some people will Wash/Dry again
Mild Polish - SSR 1.0 or Menzerna Final Polish II
Menzerna FTG
Menzerna FMJ
Carnauba Wax

If you have any more questions please let me know.

Detailed Image - Owner

There are no swirl marks. Only light water stains. I assume the claybar will get out the stains. If not, then I'll use a mild polish. Check your web site for an order in a few minutes...


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